Enhance the Beauty to Your Kitchen Cabinets

At Priority Painting we offer cabinet refinishing and painting for your kitchen cabinets in a beautifully sprayed finish. 

We believe our technique and service will exceed your expectations and recapture the beauty of your kitchen cabinets.

Whether your goal is resurfacing your existing cabinets or a complete refinish in a different colour, we have the service for you. Give us a call or send an email to book your appointment now.

Transform your kitchen

The Process

  • All hardware and hinges are removed.

  • All doors and drawer fronts are removed and taken back to our spray shop.

  • The doors and drawers at the shop are then fully sanded and cleaned before they are  sprayed with a primer coat followed by two lacquer finish coats.

  • The remaining cabinetry that is in place will be sanded and primed on site. We use Hepa filtered Festool dust-extractors for all of our sanding for a dust free environment. 

  • Before we start to spray the fixed cabinet frames , we mask and tape off everything, including the floor and the ceiling. We also seal off the entire kitchen area during the spraying process. 

  • The cabinets will be sprayed with a HVLP (high volume, low pressure) sprayer to best atomize our finishes for a smooth feel with no brush or roller marks.  This gives us  an extra smooth and professional-looking finish.

  • Once the paint has fully dried,  the doors and drawers are then reinstalled.